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The club is primarily a social club so everything we do revolves around making friends and riding our motorbikes.

The annual Christmas Camp brings members, friends and families together over 6 days in a different location each year. Daily rides are organised, meals are often shared at the campsite or enjoyed as a group at the local pub. You can do as much or as little as you want to do. Some members camp, others book a cabin or motel room, it’s up to you.

Occasional weekend rides are offered and a rally every alternate year also brings us together for a few days to ride and enjoy each other’s company. Each year we share a Christmas in Winter weekend with our friends from the BMW Motorcycle Club in Canberra and this is always a very popular and enjoyable event.

Our Annual Awards Lunch is another relaxed and enjoyable event when we gather to announce the annual awards and show our appreciation to members for their contribution to the club. Club participation is the key to making new friends and enjoying the friendship of others in the club. We look forward to welcoming you.