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Captain's COVID Breakout W/E Off-Road Ride

  • 27 Nov 2021
  • 07:30
  • 28 Nov 2021
  • 16:00
  • Lilydale Meeting Place (Shell servo outbound)

Registration is closed

Captain's COVID Breakout W/E Off-Road Ride

27 - 28 November 

Additional Information

  1. The ride will be open for registration from 8 pm 2nd November.
  2. It is most likely we will over-night in Sale since there is greater availability of accommodation.
  3. Important -After you register send me an email indicating if you would like a separate room or if you are happy to share a room. If you don't do this then I shall not make any accommodation arrangement on your behalf and will assume you are making your own.
    • Note sharing a room gives greater probability that all will be in the same establishment. 
  4. Once I know the requirements I can make tentative bookings. If you register and then withdraw for whatever reason you remain responsible for any room costs incurred on your behalf. 
  5. I shall be looking for the lowest cost rooms available because we only want a bed not a country retreat.

Route Image Files

2 - Woods_Point_-_Springs_Road.jpg

3 - Springs_Road.jpg

4 - Springs_Road_To_Jamison.jpg



1 - Heasville_To_Woods_Point.gpx

2 - Woods_Point_-_Springs_Road.gpx

Some important information to note :-

  1. This ride assumes Greater Metropolitan Melbourne  will be out of the current lockdown and be free to travel the route.
  2. Some of the rides in the high country do not open until 1st November so the route will not have been test ridden prior to the ride.
  3. If the weather conditions leading up to the ride are wet then there is a chance the ride may be postponed to another time.
  4. If suitable accommodation can be found at a reasonable price then Saturday evening will be spent in those digs. If not we will camp. Situation will be clarified well before the ride.
  5. Ride will be limited to leader (me) and 9 other riders.
    1. Country members wish to join the ride at some prearranged location will be accepted irrespective of the 9 person limit but this number will also have an upper limit. in such cases please email me to advise proposed meeting location along the route
  6. The ride will only be opened for registration after it is clear that it will be clear of the restrictions mentioned in point 1 above.

The ride

The 5 attached files show the 5 legs of the route proposed which will comprise a route length of 570 km between Healesville and Warburton. Much of this should be well made dirt road. Hopefully Springs Road which transits the top ridge of the range that runs East of the Thompson Dam will have been freshly graded prior to its 1st of November opening.

The ride route is expected to comprise 95% Category 3 roads (refer below for Category definitions) with the possibility of encountering some category 4 sections.

Category Definitions

3. Unsealed roads up to 80% - undulating roads with the surface being rough, corrugated, pot holed with loose gravel and sand - alternative route available for inclement weather - suitable for all GS motorcycles and experienced riders on suitable motorcycles.

4. Unsealed roads - gravel and dirt more than 80% - steeper inclines and declines, forest tracks, dry weather roads, very rough, loose gravel and sections of deeper sand - alternative route available for some sections during inclement weather - suitable for competent off-road motorcyclists.

Note: If as Ride Leader I do not feel confident about being able to handle a section of road I will not attempt it. Similarly if any rider in the group I am leading does not feel confident then I expect that rider to speak up about their concerns. In such a case we will stop and consult as a group and discuss/agree on a solution. I will never allow a rider to turn around and go back alone it is not safe This may involve the whole group taking an alternative route or more than one rider agreeing to doing so.

For further information leading up to the registration being opened please contact:-

Chris Morony - 0479 052 511 (chris.t.morony@gmail.com)


Email:- captain@bmwmccvic.org.au