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Kerrisdale Mountain Railway Ride

  • 11 Apr 2021
  • 08:30
  • Shell Lilydale Departure Point

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Kerrisdale Mountain Railway Ride

Sunday 11th April 2021 - Lilydale Departure Point at 8:30 am

Come check out an engaging private narrow gauge railway that climbs the heights of the Tallarook Ranges along with a steam equipment museum and workshops tour.

Start at Shell Lilydale Departure Point, 1 km east of Lilydale 8.30 for 9.00 departure.

Travel the Black Spur to Marysville, Acheron Lookout and the fast sweeping Whanregarwen Road to Molesworth.

Morning Coffee is at Marmalades Cafe in the main street in Yea, about 10.30-11.00.

Shoot to Kerrisdale and visit the Kerrisdale Mountain Railway (train fare applicable) and ride to the top of the Tallarook Ranges with an all round view of local valleys.

Short hop to Flowerdale for a late lunch at the Flowerdale Hotel about 1.00 pm.

Then on to Kinglake and enjoy some tight winding corners through St Andrews and Panton Hill with a final coffee at the Kangaroo Ground General Store for a total of 216 km.

Route Details

0.0 East Maroondah Highway.

4.0 Right B360 Maroondah Highway, Healesville.

45.3 Right C512 Marysville

54.9 Left C508 to Buxton.

65.7 Right B360 Maroondah Highway.

88.1 STOP Roadside lookout near Acheron, park on left of road.

91.8 Left Whanregarwen Road.

108.4 Left B340 Gouldurn Valley Highway.

121.2 STOP COFFEE Morning coffee at Marmalades in Yea,

ph 57972999.

121.5 West B360 Goulburn Valley Highway.

139.1 Left Kerrisdale Mountain Railway.

139.5 STOP  Kerrisdale Mountain Railway. ph 04 0782 3739.

139.9 Right B340 Goulburn Valley Highway.

140.4 King Parrot Creek Road.

151.6 Left C382 Flowerdale, Broadford Flowerdale Road.

164.2 Right Regroup at Service road before C725 Whittlesea Yea road in Flowerdale.

164.7   STOP LUNCH Lunch at the Flowerdale Hotel on the right.

ph 5780 1230.

164.8 Right South on C725 to Kinglake West.

185.5 Left C724 to Kinglake.

198.0 STOP Regroup in Kinglake, some riders will depart ride.

198.1 Right Hurstbridge, C746 St Andrew Kinglake Road.

215.5  STOP  Final Coffee at Kangaroo Ground General Store.