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The Four Riders GS Marathon Ride

  • 05 Oct 2019
  • 06:00
  • 13 Oct 2019

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The Four Riders GS Marathon (Non Club) Ride

NOTE: I am looking for only 3 riders to join me.

I am doing a run into South Australia and up through the Flinders Rangers to Wilpena Pound. The plan is to kick off bright and early on first Saturday in October and be back at home base on Sunday afternoon 13th October. Trip will probably cover around 3,000 – 3,500 klm in total taking us as far north as Blinman. Then, if we feel up to it and the weather is kind we could cut west across the Parachilan Geoge Road and pick up the Outback Highway following The Ghan rail line north as far as Moree where we would turn west on to the famous Odanadatta Track  (think Lucky Star and his song ‘I’ve been everywhere’) turning south again as we make our way past the Olympic Dam mine and Roxyby Downs before an overnight at the famous opal town of Andamoka before making our way home in the days following.

Depending on the rains a highlight might be a beautiful wild flow display of scarlet Sturt peas, purple Salvation Janes (aka Paterson’s Curse) and others which go beyond my botanical knowledge.

Because we will be a long way from home there is no intention to do any really dramatic off- road adventures however the trip will include a lot of travel on graded roads and tracks Thus I am limiting this to GS bikes only.

So :-

  • ·         must have a GS,
  • ·         must be able to have a range of 500 km in tank or on board,
  • ·         must be flexible plans (could change),
  • ·         must be prepared to camp and share a hotel room as required,
  • ·         must be prepared to cover long distances on the days of the outward and return legs and
  • ·         must have positive attitude

I shall plan the route in finer detail over coming weeks however if you have any questions now please call Chris Morony - 0479 052 511